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Art for Kids Hub is a channel on YouTube, which is a useful resource for the smallest users of video platforms. The author of the channel is an artist named Rob. In addition, his children, whose names sound like Jack, Hadley, Austin and Olivia, help him in creating content. The special feature of Rob’s channel is that he uses an absolutely unique authoring format. He decided to become part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2012. For many years of creativity, he managed to achieve great success. First, he created a truly safe space with child-friendly content, as the parents of the small channel followers claim. Secondly, the channel received more than 700 thousand subscribers. Thirdly, some videos scored more than 15 million views!

What does the content of the channel consist of? It is worth noting that Rob already has a lot of faith in one format of videos – the video lessons. However, it constantly improves and supplements this format with new details. The blogger creates video lessons that help draw a wide variety of things. Let’s take a look at the most popular lesson topics, by distributing the channel videos to thematic blocks. The first block contains video lessons that help to draw representatives of the flora and fauna. For example, a variety of bushes and trees, wild animals and pets. The second thematic block contains video lessons that will help to draw a variety of natural phenomena, for example, a thunderstorm or rain. The third thematic block contains video lessons that can teach you how to draw characters of popular cartoons. Among them there are characters of such cartoons as “The Secret Life of Pets”, ” Adventures Time”, “Paw Patrol”, «My little Pony», «Frozen». In addition, the blogger creates video tutorials on how to make postcards to congratulate parents on the New Year, Christmas and other holidays.