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AWESMR kids is a channel on YouTube, which is a video store of toys. The channel was created in 2013. At that time, the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube was actively filled with new channels. This channel became one of the first channels, which began to create video reviews on a variety of toys. The channel’s authors are adults, but talented animators, voice actors and script writers. In addition, they are really skillful marketers and psychologists. First, they closely monitor the toy market to create unboxing on the most popular of them. Secondly, they perfectly understand what content will be interesting to the average kid. The videos are very bright, dynamic and short in order to keep the attention of small viewers. Thanks to such fruitful work, the channel achieved incredible successes. This is reflected in the following figures: the channel has more than 3.5 million followers, and some videos have more than 50 million views! Of course, there are also negative comments about the activities of the channel. Some parents of young children write that the channel is designed to turn children into stupid consumers. In addition, some accuse the channel in cooperation with large toy manufacturers. These people say that the success of the channel is artificial.

What about the content of the channel? The first video block contains reviews of such popular toys as «Just Like Home» These are sets of toy kitchen utensils. The second video block contains reviews on toys “Play Doh”. With the help of this plasticine you can create a variety of confectionery or figurines of your favorite cartoon characters. The third video block contains lessons on making delicious sweets. The authors of the channel teach how to make a huge piece of jelly or ice cream with the taste of a carbonated drink.