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Baby Fun Learning is a channel on YouTube, which produces content for the smallest users of YouTube platform. The channel became part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2015. This time was characterized by a very active development of children’s content on the video platform. At that time YouTube was filled with new channels, and ordinary children from different parts of the world became real stars! In addition, multipliers and educators from all over the world rushed to create content for kids. The authors of the channel called “Baby Fun Learning” refer to this type of YouTubers. It’s no secret that modern children spend most of their free time browsing videos on social networks or playing in flash games. Unfortunately, many creators of children’s content pursue only commercial goals, they do not want to teach the representatives of the digital generation something new. However, the authors of the ” Baby Fun Learning” channel decided to break this system. The authors of the channel create unobtrusive learning content. It works in this way: the videos give viewers a basic concept, but in the process of learning they use cult toys or sweets for modern children. This is what determines the success of the channel. Judge for yourself: the project has more than 600 thousand subscribers, and some video products have more than 60 million views!

What does the content of the channel consist of? The first thematic block contains video lessons about such fundamental concepts as a variety of colors and geometric shapes, alphabet and numbers. In the process of teaching, such cult toys are used, as the machines from “Disney Pixar” or dolls “Barbie” with houses. The second thematic block contains video reviews of cult toys and sweets in the current market.