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BabyBus – Kids TV – Songs & Stories is a YouTube channel, which is of interest to the smallest video platform users. The channel’s authors are creative adults, including composers, screenwriters, animators and filmmakers. Also in the production of content involved children who are engaged in commenting on what is happening in the frame. Children are really talented, because they are able to voice characters in different voices. The channel was created in 2016. During the first year of operation, the channel received more than 150 thousand subscribers, and some videos scored more than 4 million views. The channel is famous for the fact that it does not use obsessive advertising, and also produces a truly safe and friendly to children content.

What is the content of the channel BabyBus? It should be noted that the channel does not use other Youtuber`s  formats, but creates only original content. All videos can be divided into several thematic blocks. In the first block contains the series “Baby panda care”. This series tells how mother-panda cares for her baby. Mom feeds her baby, cleans his teeth and washed his face, walks with him in the park etc. In addition, she constantly teaches her baby new things. For example, the mother teaches her baby the names of flowers, geometric forms, representatives of the flora and fauna, tells him about the road safety rules. Thus, small viewers can watch the video and simultaneously learn together with the character of the cartoon. By the way, the authors of the channel claim that they want to prove the possibility of an “exciting learning process”. In the second thematic block there are videos with songs about a small panda. In such songs, the panda tells the children about his favorite games, and even tells about varieties of emotions or types of relationships between people!