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babyteeth4 is a channel on YouTube, which is part of the children’s English-speaking YouTube. This is probably one of the oldest channels on the video platform! Two sisters, Jillian and Addie, founded the channel in the very distant 2007. More precisely, the channel was created by the daddy of these girls. The first videos on the channel can be called quite “naive”. They were short two minute clips about the routine of  babies. These videos talked about how the girls met a Youtube-star named Pittsburgh Dad, or how the girls first drove in a car. A little later, the girls themselves became real YouTube stars. The media began to talk about girls, respectively, they became popular characters in a wide array. Thus, girls have become a very real phenomenon – both in life and on the Web. Now girls have more than one and a half million subscribers, their video works became classic for the children’s segment of YouTube, and some videos gain more than 100 million views.

What does the content of the channel babyteeth4 consist of? Videos on the channel can be divided into several thematic and genre blocks. In the first block there are videos of the most popular format on the channel, «Kid Candy Review». In each series Jillian and Addie create reviews on popular sweets: «Warheads Freezer Pops», «Sour Flush Candy», mexican «Takis Fuego» etc. The second block contains new series of the movie «Creepy Clown Family»! In this series, little sisters try to escape from the Mad Clown. The series is original in format, because the girls write themselves the script to it. In addition, Jillian and Addie are shooting mini-series called “We Found A Baby In The Woods”, “Kid Superheroes”, “Bad Baby”. The third block contains a lot of vlogs. Girls show how they spend the weekend, how to have fun at home with their favorite pets, how they frolic in the pool in their yard.