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Blippi is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the English segment of the children’s YouTube. The author of the channel is a multiplier, composer and talented teacher under the pseudonym of  Blippi. He created his channel on video platform in 2014. Thanks to his pedagogical and musical talents, he was recognized among the inhabitants of YouTube. Let’s take a look at the figures: for some years the channel has gained more than 800 thousand subscribers, and some training videos have scored more than 30 million views. What is the reason for this success? First, the author of the channel uses its own unique format. Secondly, in the children’s segment of YouTube, channels with a learning goal are quite valuable. The fact is that the kids spend a lot of time in front of the smartphone screen, so the content should not only be entertaining, but also educational. Thirdly, the content of the channel is updated very often.

What is the content of  Blippi? First of all, it is worth to tell about the unique format of the channel. In each video there is a teacher named Blippi, who teaches kids the fundamental concepts of life. The themes used in the videos are diverse. Let’s look at the most popular thematic video blocks on the channel. In the first block, Blippi introduces young viewers to the world of vehicles. He talks about the appointment of agricultural, passenger cars, public transport. The second block contains video tutorials that help children learn about addition and subtraction, alphabet, geometric forms. The third block contains videos in which Blippi teaches kids names of representatives of flora and fauna. In addition, Blippi is a wonderful composer! He creates educational songs, with which children learn about concepts such as color and texture of surrounding objects.