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Busy Beavers – Kids Learn ABCs 123s & More is a channel on YouTube, which is one of the most experienced children’s channels on the video platform. This channel belongs to a talented group of adults who come from Russia. The channel was created in far 2007 by a group consisting of animators, actors and directors. Their creative path began with teaching Russian-language songs for children. The stories about the busy beaver became so popular that the cartoons attracted not only Russian-speaking, but also English-speaking viewers. Therefore, over the last few years, the channel’s authors have completely switched to English-speaking little followers. Thanks to hard work and original content, the channel earned the immense trust of parents around the world. This is reflected in the figures: the channel has more than two million subscribers, and some videos are gaining more than 500 million views!

What exactly does the content consist of? All videos on the channel can be conditionally divided into thematic-genre blocks. The first block contains videos in which Busy Beaver teaches kids basic concepts such as addition and subtraction, alphabet and names of colors and shapes. The second block contains videos in which this character teaches children the basics of English, French and Spanish. The third block contains educational songs for children. To consolidate the knowledge that children have received thanks to the Beaver lessons, bloggers offer kids to listen to these songs. Funny colored numbers and letters sing cognitive songs so that children can consolidate their knowledge. The third thematic block contains songs that also have a learning purpose. Similar songs tell kids about New Year and Christmas traditions. Also in this block there are traditional songs about these holidays.