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Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is channel on YouTube, which is really experienced and to some extent legendary. The channel became one of the pioneers of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube, because it was created in the distant 2006. In that far year the group of talented animators and artists of the voice decided to show their own creativity to the whole world. Their creative path began with cartoons that were made from drawings drawn on paper. Yes, exactly, all the drawings were created manually using watercolor paints. It was a two-minute cartoon that told the story of the life of forest animals: a bold lion, a cowardly bunny and a wise owl. And each series was devoted to the study of a letter, for example, a cartoon about a lion was devoted to the letter “L”. At the time such videos were a curiosity for users of YouTube. Therefore, the channel managed to gain immense popularity among children and their parents from different parts of the world. The proof is some figures: the channel received more than 2 million followers, and some videos scored more than 100 million views. What about the content of the channel? On the channel there are several thematic blocks. The first block contains funny songs about colors and forms. The characters of these videos are geometric figures, called Heart, Star, Rhombus, Triangle, Circle, Oval, Square and others. They perform rumba and other «fiery» dances, telling small audiences about themselves. The second block contains stories about representatives of the flora and fauna. The main characters are five small monkeys, three small kangaroos, a large black sheep and many others.  They tell the little spectator about the simplest mathematical operations, for example, monkeys learn how to count the number of bananas. The third thematic block contains video lessons about the alphabet.