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CVS 3D Rhymes is a channel on YouTube, which offers content to the youngest part of the audience of video platform. This channel is one of the pioneers of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube, since the channel was created in the distant 2008. For many years of fruitful work, the YouTube project has received true recognition among toddlers and their parents around the world. What is it reflected in? First, the number of subscribers to the channel is constantly increasing, now the number of followers has passed the line of 7 million! Secondly, the content of the channel became so in demand that soon the branches of YouTube project opened in Telugu, Hindi and other languages. Thirdly, as the comments indicate, the channel is really friendly to children, because the channel does not contain hateful content or advertising. The authors of the channel did not initially have a commercial purpose. They were multipliers who wanted to show their creativity to the inhabitants of the Network. This is what determines their success.

What does the content of the channel consist of? All videos can be divided into several thematic blocks. The first block contains educational videos. In these video lessons, funny little animals teach small viewers such important things as the alphabet, numbers, names of geometric shapes. In addition, the numbers and letters seem to come to life in the frame, telling the audience about themselves! In the second thematic block are the interpretations of the popular song «Johnny, Johnny». In the third block there are videos about the adventures of the «finger family». Video in the format of a finger theater tells about the routine of Molly’s family. In addition, the authors of the channel create a cartoon Old MacDonald Had A Farm. It tells about a large and friendly family of farmers, as well as their animals, including horses, geese, chickens, turkeys, pigs, cats and dogs.