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Diana Roma Show is a channel on YouTube, which is useful for the smallest users of video platforms. The channel’s authors are kids named Roma and Diana. The guys started their creative career on the Russian-speaking segment of the children’s YouTube. They became one of the most popular children of bloggers, received more than two million subscribers, and their videos gained hundreds of millions of views. After that, they firmly decided that it was time to start a career in the English-speaking YouTube. And in 2017 they took up the development of the channel «Learn color with». Just a few months of fruitful work, the guys received more than 6 million subscribers, and many of their videos scored more than 120 million views! It is really a resounding success.

What does the content of Diana and Roma consist of? The channel content for convenience can be divided into several thematic blocks. The first block contains the series “Bad Babes”. In such videos, Diana and Roma play the role of pranksters, who are constantly trying to destroy the whole house and frighten parents. The second thematic block contains videos of the training format. Small bloggers teach their followers such fundamental concepts as geometric shapes, colors, names of representatives of wildlife. In the learning process, the principle of play is used. For example, Diana and Roma use colorful helium balloons, sweets of various shapes and colors, figures and toys in the form of cartoon characters. They characterize these objects according to the criteria of color, shape and texture. The next thematic block contains songs composed by children. These videos are also educational in nature. Similar songs use the format of finger theater. In addition, the channel contains lifestyle vlogs about the routine of Diana and Roma.