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ELF Kids Videos is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the classic teaching Internet projects. The channel was created in 2006, when YouTube only began to develop actively. The channel’s authors are talented teachers, as well as multipliers. The pedagogical vein became the determining factor in the formation of the channel content. Each video is a full-fledged lesson that teaches kids the rules of English. It’s no secret that many producers of children’s content have exclusively commercial purposes. Therefore, such bloggers shoot hundreds of same-type videos that do not carry an educational burden. In turn, modern children, who belong to the digital generation, cannot live a day without the Internet. According to recent research, such a social network as YouTube is the most popular among children. This fact causes concern for caring parents of modern children. However, the “ELF Kids Videos” channel successfully solves this problem! The fact is that this project combines the cognitive content of the videos and their colorful cover. Thanks to this, the channel has real success. This is reflected in figures: This is reflected in the figures: the online project has more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some videos have more than 13 million views.

What about the content of the channel? The first thematic block contains video lessons about such fundamental concepts as colors, numbers, alphabet. The authors of the channel offer songs of their own composition, for example, «Counting Numbers Song», «Farm Animals Song», «Feelings and Emotion Chant», «We Are Family Song», etc. In addition, similar lessons teach children the names of representatives of flora and fauna, body parts, emotions and feelings of people. The second thematic block contains vlogs about the life of the channel’s authors. The authors demonstrate how to conduct lessons in their classes.