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EvanTubeHD is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the English segment of the YouTube. The author of the channel is an ordinary little boy named Evan.  Like all young children, he loves to have fun, make jokes, play with robots and lego-figures. And one day (in 2011) the parents of this baby decided to make money on this! In just a few years of fruitful creativity, Evan scored more than 4 million subscribers, his videos gain more than 120 million views! Thus, Evan became one of the pioneers of the children’s segment of YouTube. He inspired children and their parents around the world. So now the video platform is cracking at the seams from the number of children bloggers!

What is the content of the small YouTube star? The content of the channel can be divided into several thematic and genre blocks. The first section contains videos in the genre of unboxing. In such videos Evan unpacks the most famous toys of our time on the camera! These are figures based on the cartoon “Angry Birds”, robots from the film “Transformers”, space ships based on the film franchise “Star Wars”. Boy feeds a special passion for toys from the “Lego”!  He really adores sets of toys from this company. Constructor sets based on the animated cartoons “Disney” and the movie “Star Wars”, the game “Minecraft» – the boy has everything!

The second section contains videos in the style of “accept the challenge”. Together with a sister named Jillian, the boy takes on the most amusing challenges! They eat a huge pizza at speed, they arrange cake fights, try foods with terrible and strange tastes. In addition, Evan likes to shoot family videos. In these videos, the whole family takes interesting challenges, often on the topic of culinary. They accept calls, such as «gummy food vs real food», «astronaut food vs real food», «pie face challenge».