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ExtremeToys TV is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The channel’s authors are friendly brothers, whose names sound like Ethan and Cole. Boys began their careers on a video platform in 2015. For several years of creativity as bloggers, they received more than 800 thousand subscribers, and some of their videos scored more than 24 million views! This is pretty good results not only for children bloggers, but also for adult YouTubers.

What does the content of the channel consist of? Let’s look at the most popular thematic and genre blocks that the channel offers us. The first block contains a series about how Ethan and Cole are fighting insect invasion. According to the plot, a whole army of spiders or beetles penetrates into the house of the boys. The boys are trying to destroy them with the help of toy blasters and other weapons from “Nerf”.  Each scene of this series is believable due to the original plot twists and directing work.

The second block contains a series about how Ethan went crazy. According to the plot, one day he decided to attack his family in order to manage family members as he would like.

The third block contains video reviews of popular sweets and other goodies in the modern market. The brothers tried incredibly sharp Mexican chips, sweets that they ordered from Japan, Germany and other parts of the world!

The next thematic block contains video reviews of popular toys. Basically, these are huge figures of dinosaurs, as well as collections of collectible figures in the form of dinosaurs, as well as sets of a constructor from “Lego”.

In addition, the channel has a video heading “Adventures”. It contains vlogs taken with the help of the camera “GoPro”. Boys show how they usually spend their weekend. They like to visit entertainment centers, and also go shopping for toy hypermarkets.