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FKV Family is a channel on YouTube, which is relatively young on the video platform. The channel was created in 2016, and literally for a year has achieved significant success. Let’s just take a look at the numbers: the channel has more than 250 thousand subscribers, and some video products have received more than 17 million subscribers. What is the reason for this success of the Internet project? It’s no secret that modern children belong to the digital generation. This means that modern kids do not imagine life without gadgets and the Internet as a whole, as well as social networks in particular. It is also known that children mostly use YouTube in order to enjoy entertainment content. Manufacturers of children’s content are aware of this, so they are trying to create the most colorful and dynamic products for restless children. What are we leading to? The fact is that the channel called “Fun Kid Videos” is one of those channels that offer this kind of content. The channel’s authors are talented marketers, because they know about the preferences of modern children. In the videos always there are cult characters of popular cartoons, novelties of the world toy market.

What about the content of the channel? The first thematic block contains covers for such a popular cartoon as “Paw Patrol”. For example, skits on the main characters of the cartoon, as well as a video selection of the funniest moments from the cartoon. In the second thematic block there are videos in which actors with the help of makeup and costumes are transformed into heroes of cult cartoons, for example, “Moana” or “Sponge Bob”. The third thematic block is called “Funniest Disney”. The bottom line is that cult Disney cartoons can be processed in video editors, and the faces of the heroes of the cartoon are changing.