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Funny Dinosaurs Cartoons is a channel on YouTube, which tells kids about such beautiful creatures as dinosaurs. The authors of the channel are really talented multipliers. First, they are well versed in the species diversity of dinosaurs. Secondly, they have a pedagogical vein, because they can keep the attention of small viewers. Third, they independently write scripts for each video, mount each cartoon using 2D technology. In addition, they very believably produce sounds that once produced dinosaurs. The channel was created in 2016. At that time, the children’s segment of the YouTube was filled to the brim with a variety of channels. But «Funny Dinosaurs Cartoons» was different from this variety because its authors proposed an absolutely original story and genre. They decided to shoot a big series about a fictional world, which is densely populated by dinosaurs. In this magical world live many types of these dangerous creatures, for example, In this magical world there are many kinds of these dangerous creatures that actually existed in different eras. For example, Triceratops, Alioramus, Barapasaurus, Campylodoniscus, Dahalokely, etc. However, according to the plot, these characters are safe and even friendly creatures. Due to the unique content the channel has more than 100,000 followers, and some video products have more than 19 million views!

What is the content about? Each video on the channel is a mini-film, which narrates about a certain adventure. For example, how dinosaurs rest at the seashore, about how a pair of dinosaurs get married etc. In addition, the channel has a video of training nature. The main hero of the training show is a clever dinosaur. He tells viewers about what colors and geometric shapes exist in nature. In the process of training for clarity, he uses eggs of dinosaurs of different shapes and colors.