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Funny Stacy is a channel on YouTube, which is intended for the youngest part of the audience of videoplatform. The author of the channel is a little girl named Stacey. She created the channel in 2017, and literally for half a year has reached really stunning successes! Her success in the blogger’s field is really impressive. The fact is that for such a short period the girl received more than 1.5 million subscribers, and some of her videos scored more than 50 million views!

What is the reason for this success? First, each video is perfectly shot and mounted. In addition, Stacy’s parents carefully invent the script for each project, but there is room for improvisation. Secondly, the girl uses the most popular formats and genres that children-youtubers use. Finally, the last reason is that Stacey regularly updates the content of the channel.

What does the content of the channel consist of? All the videos of Stacy’s authorship can be divided into the main thematic blocks. The first block contains a mini-series “Bad Baby and Baby Doll “. The main roles in this project are performed by Stacy and her favorite doll. Each series narrates about the adventures of these pranksters. Stacy and the doll make scandals in the store, they eat all the candies that parents diligently hide at home…

The second section is called “Funny child”. This section contains videos in which Stacey does not have to pretend to be an ill-bred child. In such videos, she demonstrates her lifestyle and recreation. It’s like reporting on how the girl visits the museum with figures of dinosaurs, aqua parks, a variety of amusement parks. These amusement parks are like a different world, because they are dedicated to such cartoons as “Peppa Pig”, “Paw Patrol”, “My Little Pony”. In addition, the girl shoots videos that pursue an educational goal. In similar videos, Emily and her doll teach small viewers the names of colors, shapes and natural phenomena.