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Gabe and Garrett is a channel on YouTube, which is part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The channel’s authors are two brothers, Gabe and Garrett, from California. The boys’ channel is quite “ancient” since they created the channel in the far-distant 2010! Then YouTube channel was like a diary about the life of brothers. Careful parents of bloggers recorded videos about significant events in the life of their sons. These videos show how Gabe played his first baseball game, or how the brothers celebrated a truly fabulous Christmas! Later, the bloggers independently began to develop their own channel. They began to write scripts for new videos, learned how to mount new video blogs etc. Thus, the boys received more than a million subscribers, and some video bloggers have received more than 300 million views! Over the years they have achieved real success and their formats were copied by other children-bloggers.

What does the content of bloggers consist of? All videos can be divided into main thematic blocks. The first block contains the series «Sidewalk cops». Boys play the role of policemen who are fighting for order in the country! For believability, boys dress up in real costumes of policemen, and as a vehicle, boys use a mini-copy of a police car! The second block contains videos of the format of unboxing. In similar videos, Gabe and Garrett unpack the most popular toys on the camera: children’s car from toy manufacturers «Power Wheels» and «Razor». By the way, the brothers have their own car park in the yard! They often arrange races on their cars. They demonstrate this in their videos in the genre of lifestyle. Usually the operator is the father of boys, and the fair judge of the race is mom. For races, boys are reincarnated in various movie heroes who confront each other.