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JackJackPlays is a channel on YouTube, which is intended for the youngest part of the YouTube audience. The author of the channel is a little boy named Jack. He, as is clear from the name of the channel, simply adores toys. In 2015, he decided to start sharing this love with Internet users. And for several years of creativity as a blogger, he has achieved success. He received more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some of his videos became viral, gaining more than 25 million views.

What determines the success of the baby? We will learn the answer by analyzing the content of the channel. The content of Jack is diverse in terms of genre characteristics, however, the main topic is the theme of toys. Let’s look at which genre blocks prevail on the channel. The first block contains videos in which the guy talks about the most favorite kind of toys. Most of all he likes toy vehicles and everything that is associated with them. He creates video reviews on such popular toys as the toy railway from Lego, sets of car figures from «Hot Wheels», locomotives based on the animated cartoon «Thomas and His Friends». The second block contains mini-series, which Jack shoots according to his own scenarios. The main roles in these series are played by toy cars and Jack is engaged in voiceover of characters. Each new series is distinguished by a certain plot and theme. The third block contains videos in which the boy conducts a test drive for new toys. He demonstrates to the spectators the strength of his toy cars, playing with toys on sand, asphalt and other coatings. In addition, he teaches small viewers how to properly collect sets of constructor from “Lego”.

In addition, Jack has his own car park in his yard! In his collection there are both premium cars, and copies of agricultural vehicles. The blogger often shoots videos about how he goes to travel on his machines.