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KAYCEE & RACHEL in WONDERLAND is a channel on YouTube, which is an integral part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The channel’s authors are two sisters named Kaycee and Rachel. This channel got its name for a reason, because girls really live in a magical world, which their parents are creating for them! Sisters from the Philippines created their channel on the video platform in 2016. Literally for a year of fruitful work as bloggers, they have achieved a stunning success! Girls received more than a million followers, and some of their videos turned out to be so interesting that they could score over 90 million views! What is the reason for this success? Firstly, the parents of the little ones are very carefully engaged in the PR of the channel. Secondly, father and mother of girls help their children at all stages of creating content. Third, the channel is filled weekly with «fresh» and colorful videos, and stability is the key to success on the video platform!

What does the content of small bloggers consist of? Let’s look at the most popular thematic and genre blocks that make up the channel. The first block contains mini-series, shot according to the scripts of the sisters. Girls shoot a series in which they play fabulous characters – Anna and Elsa from the cartoon “Frozen”. According to the plot, Disney princesses are surrounded by the parents’ love and care, besides, they like to go shopping for huge toy stores and just walk around the park. The second block contains video clips in which sisters unpack toys. They create full-fledged video-reviews on dolls from Disney cartoons, Barbie dolls, toys from “Shopkins. Also, girls like to shoot reviews of sweets on video, for example, “Kinder Surprise” and jelly “Haribo”. The third thematic block contains videos about the routine of babes.