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KidsCamp – Nursery Rhymes is a channel on YouTube, which is really a virtual camp for kids! The channel has a long history since it was founded in 2007. Its authors are talented adult animators, as well as artistic children, whose voices are spoken by characters of video clips. The main characters of the videos are Elli and Eva, they are cheerful and carefree sisters. Girls like to study a variety of sciences, and they also like to share their knowledge with the channel’s audience. That’s why this channel is very popular on YouTube. The authors of the channel achieved great results due to their fruitful work. This is reflected in numerical values: the channel has more than one and a half million followers, and some videos have scored more than 50 million views.

What about the content of the channel? First of all, it should be said that all content is a series that does not have an ending. However, each series is devoted to a specific topic, each issue has the goal to teach the audience something completely new. Depending on this, you can select the main video blocks that the channel offers. The first block contains videos that help small viewers get acquainted with such fundamental things as the alphabet or the simplest mathematical operations. Ellie and Eve play the guitar and sing author’s songs about how to count up to ten or what order of letters in the alphabet. In addition, the channel has a video in 3D, which will help kids learn the names of geometric shapes and colors. For example, in these videos there are ice-cream in mottled colors, while voice-over voice describes a particular color. The second block contains videos on the study of human emotions. Little sisters tell the audience about what it means to be happy, what it means to love each other, why friendship is so important in people’s lives.