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Kyoot Kids is really a fun channel that is designed for children and their parents. This channel uses a completely unique format, offering family-friendly and child-friendly content. The channel was created in the distant 2012, and since then it has achieved really great successes. This is reflected in the figures: the channel has more than 800 thousand views, and some videos have scored more than 80-90 million views, becoming really viral! What is the channel about? About cute and beautiful children who are angels and demons in one person. The channel’s authors are really talented people. They are able to find really funny videos about children and their parents among the mountains of video content. Each video is like a collection of the funniest video about children in a few days. Some unique and incredibly funny videos are published separately. Who is the hero of the videos? These are the characters that have the comic name «lol-kids». These children really cause a stormy laugh and cheer up. It’s no secret that modern people suffer from glut of negative information. And this channel will allow a person who is tired of the accumulation of negative, get a relax.

What type of content is prevalent on the channel? The first video block contains video clips about the fails of children and their parents. This, for example, funny falls, unexpected reactions of children to different subjects, hysterics for ridiculous reasons. In the case of parents, this is their clumsiness in dealing with children. The second video block contains the most funny and hilarious videos (according to the authors of the channel). Do you remember that sensational video about a mother of multiple children and her babies, who at the same time laughed? So, a channel called «Kyoot Kids» posted this video on the Internet!