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Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which creates content for infants and preschool children. The channel is relatively young, because it was created in 2015. At that time YouTube was actively filled with various children’s channels. It was necessary to have some special idea to become popular on the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The authors of the channel “Little Angel” had a similar idea, because they decided to create unique content based on their own scripts. They decided not to copy other children’s channels. It’s no secret that many channels have purely commercial purposes, so they use stereotyped characters and banal genres. The creative team of the “Little Angel” channel consists of talented animators, voice artists and music composers. Therefore, they decided to create a series about fairy-tale heroes who live in a magical world. Among the characters there are such as a pink bunny, a good spider, a baby-shark, a dinosaur, a pig-superhero etc. Due to the unique content the channel has achieved certain successes. Today “Little Angel” has more than 400,000 followers, and some of its video products have more than 10 million views.

What does the content consist of? The first thematic video block contains a series about the adventures of a baby-shark. The kid loves to dance and sing, prepare for the holidays and deal with origami. He tells the kids about a variety of hobbies, as well as about Halloween or Christmas traditions. The second thematic block contains a series about the dinosaur. He plays the role of a teacher, telling the audience about such fundamental things as names of representatives of flora and fauna, a variety of colors and geometric shapes. The third block contains covers for popular children’s nursery rhymes, for example, about Humpty Dumpty or Five Monkeys.