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Little Baby Bum – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which is very popular among English-speaking small users of video platforms. The channel offers entertaining and educational content for preschool children, as well as pupils of junior school. Colorful videos in HD, 3D-animation – all this is suggested by the authors of the channel. The channel became part of the children’s segment of YouTube in 2011. The channel’s authors are talented animators, screenwriters and actors who enthusiastically create child-friendly content. For several years of hard work in the field of multipliers, they have achieved a stunning success! Just think about these figures: the channel has more than 12 million subscribers, and the most popular video of the channel has gained more than a billion views! This became possible due to two main reasons. First, the content offered by the channel is absolutely unique in formats. Secondly, the channel does not change its traditions, stably publishing new videos twice a week.

What is the content that uses such frantic success? All videos of the channel can be divided into thematic blocks. The first block contains songs that teach the youngest spectators fundamental things. It’s about adding and subtracting, the alphabet and the names of colors and geometric shapes. Characters in the form of children and funny animals act as teachers in such videos. The second block contains video lessons on vehicles. Such characters as the Merry Bus or Helicopter tell viewers about their life and work. The third block contains songs that introduce children to representatives of wildlife. In these songs it is sung about dinosaurs, about farm animals and about pets. In addition, the channel eats a large section filled with lullabies. These are charming songs about little stars or sleepy kittens.