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Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which is quite popular among the parents of the very small users of video platform. Channel authors are adults who want to give useful content to children from all over the world. The creative group includes animators, directors, screenwriters, actors and many other talented people. They are also to some extent educators. After all, the songs that bloggers create form the consciousness of every little viewer. The channel was created in 2015. Literally for a couple of years, bloggers managed to achieve good results: the channel received more than 500 thousand subscribers, and some songs received more than 10 million views! What is the reason for this success? First, the content of the channel is really educational and safe. Secondly, the channel is not stuffed with a variety of advertisements, which is sometimes traumatic for the children’s consciousness. Thirdly, the authors of the channel create absolutely original content, and also they come up with their own formats and genres.

What does the content of the channel consist of? It should be noted that the main genre on the channel is the musical. But the themes used are completely different, so let’s look at the main thematic blocks on the channel. The first thematic block contains songs that teach children the addition and subtraction. The merry Mouse The Mulberry Bush or even a potato teaches kids the art of counting! The second thematic block contains songs about the holidays, which are performed by the Cockatoo, the elephant family, the Bee or the Lamb. These are songs about such holidays as birthday, New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other. The third block contains lullabies for babies. These are melodic and charming tunes about planets and stars, about playful monkeys or kittens who like to sleep sweetly!