Channel Maple Leaf Learning on YouTube - watch new videos free

Maple Leaf Learning is a channel on YouTube, which is intended for teachers who are active users of the video site. The channel was created in 2010 by a group of Japanese teachers. At one point the teachers of the elementary school decided that they wanted to tell the whole world about their education system. All channel content is for teachers from all over the world. Thus, teachers can learn from the experience of foreigners. It’s no secret that the Japanese education system is incredibly high-quality, useful and balanced by the criterion of the mode of mental work and rest. Therefore, this Internet project is very useful for experienced teachers and beginners in education, for Europeans and Asians. The authors of the project are talented teachers who know how to keep the attention of a young audience. Videos that the channel offers can be demonstrated at the school. In addition, the authors of the channel are talented multipliers. The fact is that the video lessons are both educational and colorful and very dynamic. Thanks to serious work, the channel has achieved real success. This is reflected in the figures: the channel has more than 300 thousand grateful subscribers, and some videos have more than 34 million views.

What about the content of the channel? The first thematic block contains video lessons about such fundamental concepts as simple mathematical operations, alphabet and names of representatives of flora and fauna. The second thematic block contains educational songs for children. It’s like bright classic English nursery rhymes. In the third thematic block there are vlogs about the real work of Japanese teachers. This is for example, videos about holding open lessons in elementary school. Thanks to this content, teachers can draw ideas for lessons.