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Oh My Genius – Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which belongs to a creative company called «UspStudious». This YouTube media holding created dozens of projects that have learning goals. For many years, animators, music composers, and artists have been working diligently to create channels for children. And this channel, created in the distant 2012, is no exception! The project with the speaking title offers content for toddlers of kindergarten age, and for infants. It’s not a secret that children spend a lot of time on social networks, however, such channels help make this process really useful. Colorful cartoons in 2D and 3D formats help kids to get acquainted with such fundamental concepts as emotions, relationships, friendship, love. In addition, children can learn such things as names of flowers, representatives of flora and fauna, geometric figures. Thematic and genre diversity determines the success of the channel. Let’s take a look at the figures: the channel has more than half a million subscribers, and some video products have more than 20 million views.

And what about the content? The first video block contains original musical compositions created by the channel’s authors. The main characters of such songs are wax pencils, geometric shapes or letters. In such songs, each character describes himself, for example, pencils sing that they help people create incredible drawings. The second video block contains nursery rhymes about a finger family. Each song is a mini-film, because each series has its own main characters. The role of the family is performed by vampires, soccer balls, sharks, monkeys, planets. The third video block contains covers for popular nursery rhymes, for example, «Wheels on the Bus», «Ten in the bed», «Humpty Dumpty», «Five Little Monkeys».