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Patty Shukla Kids TV – Children’s songs is a channel on YouTube, which is quite original in terms of format. The fact is that the author of the channel is an adult person. Patty Shukla is a creative person who has many talents. Firstly, she is a talented screenwriter, director and multiplier, because each video is created with his own hands. Secondly, she has a pedagogical vein, because her content is both educational and entertaining. In addition, the blogger succeeds in keeping the attention of small pre-school and infancy viewers. For these talents, the girl was nicknamed the main youtube-nanny! The girl is one of the pioneers of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. She created her channel in the distant 2006. Since Patty is a music teacher, she, along with her students, recorded funny songs for the channel. Songs told about such fundamental for understanding of children things, as the alphabet and names of representatives of flora and fauna. These were the first videos of the blogger. Later, her channel experienced a rebranding, and also the blogger began to use new genres and formats. For many years of fruitful work, she has achieved certain results. Today, the online nanny has more than 400 thousand subscribers, and some of her video products have more than 50 million views.

What does Shukla’s content consist of? The first video block contains video lessons about the names of representatives of flora and fauna. These videos tell us about what sounds an animal produces, what color each beast has. The second video block contains author’s songs. These songs tell of happiness, sports and a variety of hobbies. A blogger’s song called “Jump!” and «Stand Up, Sit Down Children`s» are very popular. These songs are translated into Spanish and many other languages.