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PBS KIDS is a channel on YouTube, which is a professional educational project for the youngest YouTube users. The authorship of the channel belongs to a digital studio called “PBS”. The creative staff of the studio consists of professional animators, voice artists, screenwriters and music composers. All the content of the channel is presented in the form of YouTube serials. The main characters of the animated series are such heroes as a hamster named Hooper, and a doggie named Ruf  Ruffman. The main task of the channel, according to its authors, is to develop the ability to critical thinking of the small spectator. In addition, the channel helps the audience to learn such fundamental things as naming the phenomena of nature, representatives of flora and fauna; simple mathematical operations. The authors of the channel refused to use the images of modern superheroes or animated characters. Although such a move can help quickly gain popularity on YouTube. Instead of this, the authors of the channel create unique characters using 2D and 3D technologies. In addition, the channel does not use such popular, but not useful formats as pranks or challenges. Thanks to this, the channel gradually but surely moves towards success. Look at these figures: the channel has more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some videos have scored more than 3 million views.

What about the content of PBS KIDS? The first video block contains a mini-series called “Super Why”. The protagonist of the called Whyatt tells the audience about how he knows the world. They travel to distant planets or simply tell children about such fundamental things as names of colors, geometric figures, alphabet. The second video block contains a series about a tiger cub named Daniel. Daniel tells the audience about the rules of decency, morality, relationships with family and friends.