Jungle Book Hindi Season 1 Episode 08 Legend of the Claw

Mowgli and his Friends discover about something about a Giant Claw and they hear a sound coming from far end of the junglemowgli wants to know and discover more about the clawwill he be able to find the source or there is something dangerous waiting for them in the deep ends of the jungleDo subscribe to our Channel and Share the video with your Friends and Family This Jungle Book cartoon TV series has been directed by Music by Guy Michelmore Written by Jimmy Hibbert story board by Christian Choquet Watch some of the Funny Compilations of Your favourite JB SeriesThe Jungle Book Latest Version Season 1 Back to Back Episodes Jungle Book Funny and Action Compilation Videos The Jungle Book Latest Version MEGA EPISODES Subscribe to Our 2nd Channel for amazing Videos The Jungle book follows the adventures of the ManCub Mowgli who has been raised in the Jungles of India by wild animals He grows and explores the world with his animal friends Baloo the wise Bear Bagheera his Panther friend and Kaa the lazy RockPythonPower Kids by DQE World is the destination for cartoons animation shows games contests merchandise and a whole lot of fun stuff for kids Watch some of the most exciting cartoons like Charlie Chaplin Jungle Book Robin Hood Peter Pan Casper Lassie Little Prince Le Petit Prince Twisted Whiskers Maryoku Yummy Pet Pals Little Nick Le Petit Nicola And Yet It Moves Sandra and many many more More fun DQ Entertainment is an award winning animation and production company and has produced many shows in various languages for kids around the world Having worked with Partners like Disney Nickelodeon BBC Electronic Arts and Cartoon Network and Marvel DQ Entertainments Power Kids is undoubtedly the most exciting destination for kids online

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