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Channel SevenAwesomeKids on YouTube - watch new videos free

SevenAwesomeKids is a channel on YouTube, which is an integral part of the English-speaking YouTube. It’s really unique and unrepeatable phenomenon! The fact is that the channel belongs to seven sisters. Their names sound like this: Anna, Josie, Hannah, Luella, Emma, Penny, Chiara. The girls created their channel in the distant 2014. For many years of fruitful work, they have achieved tremendous successes. Girls received more than 1.5 million subscribers, and some videos on the channel scored more than 30 million views! This interest, of course, is absolutely justified.

What does the content of the channel SevenAwesomeKids consist of? First of all, it should be said that the channel has its own program grid. Each blogger has his own time for broadcasting to a million audience. Anna uploads her video on Monday, Josie on Tuesday, Angela and Hannah on Wednesday, Luella on Thursday, Emma on Friday, Penny on Saturday, and Chiara on Sunday. Of course, girls shoot a lot of videos in cooperation with each other. Let’s look at the main video blocks that make up the content.

In the first thematic block are mini-series, which the girls are shooting on their own scenarios. This, for example, is a series about spoiled teenagers who are striving to joke with their parents or destroy all the stocks of sweets that are at home. In the next series, the girls play the role of Disney princesses, who accidentally fell into our world.

The second block contains videos in which bloggers accept a variety of challenges, for example, Whipped Cream Face Challenge or Smoothie Challenge. In the next thematic block are videos in the genre of lifestyle-vlogs. Girls talk about the latest news from their lives, share their plans for the future with the audience, talk about their experiences, try to inspire the followers on positive thinking.