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Shemaroo Kids is a channel on YouTube, which offers original content, and also broadcasts children’s media content. This project was created in the distant 2009. At that time, the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube was just beginning to function. The channel’s authors are talented guys from India. For several years of work as bloggers, they have become successful. This is reflected in the figures: the channel has more than half a million followers, and some video products have more than 30 million views.

What is the reason for this success? First, the channel produces unique educational content for preschool children. Bloggers do not use images of heroes from annoying modern cartoons, but create their own characters. The channel’s authors are talented animators who work with 3D technologies and charismatic voice actors. It is thanks to their work that viewers can enjoy colorful educational videos about fundamental things. Secondly, the channel is an intermediary between large producers of children’s content and children. The channel offers a huge variety of TV shows and serials for the young audience.

What does the content of the channel consist of? The first section contains a series called “Bal Ganesh” (this is a popular Indian cartoon). This cartoon is filled with a sacred meaning and deep morality. The second section contains covers on popular nursery rhymes as «Old Macdonald Had a Farm», «Five Little Monkeys» or «Finger family». In the third video block there are training videos that teach such fundamental things as the alphabet, numbers and names of the phenomena of nature. In addition, the channel has a video block with magical lullabies. Bright starlet is the performer of these gentle and soothing musical compositions for small spectators.