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SuperHeroKids is a channel on YouTube, which is quite popular among the youngest part of the audience of video platforms. This channel is really different from hundreds of other children’s channels. The reason lies in the following: the channel’s authors are eight children and their parents! This superhero family consists of children whose names sound like Zane, Elijah, Reese, Eden, Hope, Noah, Haven, Miles. A friendly family decided to tell the world about themselves in 2015, creating YouTube channel. They decided to do this using the author’s video content format. They became the first family to start filming the YouTube series about a superhero family (the main roles are played by the authors of the channel, of course). Their risk was justified, after all for 2 years the channel has received more than 700 thousand subscribers, and some videos have received more than 30 million views.

What does the content of the channel belonging to the superhero family consist of? All the videos that are on the channel can be divided into thematic blocks. The first block contains a series about how superhero children fight each other. For example, they are reincarnated as Joker and Batman and Deadpool and Superhero to compete for the title of the best hero! In the second thematic block, all children are reincarnated as real ninja warriors. They attend a school for ninjas, as they are told in life-style vlogs. In addition, bloggers make video lessons in which they demonstrate how real ninjas are fighting. In the third thematic block there are musical compositions composed by the authors of the channel. In these videos, they appear in the images of superheroes from “Marvel”. For the shooting of these videos, children put on their faces make-up, and also change into thematic costumes. And the lyrics of the song tell us about the difficult and dangerous life of superheroes.