LEGO Sister in Real Life Giant Lego Learns to Love SuperHero Kids Funny Skit

Hope wishes for a real sister while playing with Legos Horace the magic fairy shows up to grant her wish by turning the Lego into a real life sister But Eden the Giant Lego sister must learn to love by midnight or she will be turned back into a toy LEGO and Hopes heart will be broken Can Hope teach her LEGO sister to love by midnight or will the Horace the fairy return to turn her back into a lego figure and join the toys again Watch to find outWatch to find out Follow us on instagram at superherokids7 To get the next episode subscribe here To have the coolest ringtone search SuperHeroKids Theme in iTunes store app Watch more fun SuperHeroKids Comics IRL VideosBAD KIDS AND BAD BABY ATTACKS THE FLASH BATMANFollow UsSubscribe to this channel Behind the scenes at Instagram superherokids7Google Facebook Twitter SuperHeroKids7Thanks for watching

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