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Teehee Town – Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which offers kids to immerse themselves in the magical world! Teehee Town is a beautiful place where there live a variety of mystical and mythical characters, in a word, a diverse evil spirits. This city is home to two cheerful friends, the girl Mini and the boy Len. They just love to learn something new and go to mystical travels. The channel about the adventures of children was created in 2012. The authorship of the channel belongs to the multipliers and artists of the voice. They, unlike many children’s channels on YouTube, decided to abandon the template genres and formats. In addition, they did not use the images of the characters of popular cartoons, and instead they created unique characters. Such unique content does not enjoy the same popularity as the content created by template schemes. However, despite this, the channel has achieved some successes. For example, the YouTube project has more than 400 thousand subscribers and some video products have more than 10 million views.

What about the content? In the first thematic video block there are mini-films about the finger family. The roles of family members are usually performed by such mystical characters as mummies, skeletons, ghosts, zombies, vampires, witches, etc. In the second block there are training videos. The role of the teacher is usually performed by a kid named Spooky. On the example of Halloween sweets, he explains concepts such as colors, geometric shapes or textures. In addition, the channel contains video lessons in which geometric shapes and letters are living characters. These heroes sing songs that characterize them. Also, there is a mini show «Learn Colors With Skeletons». Cartoon teachers use multi-colored toys to explain the difference between colors.