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The Axel Show is a channel on YouTube, which is part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The author of the channel is a boy named Axel, and he really is a special child! The fact is that a boy from childhood can not live without adventures. And his channel on YouTube is like a video diary about the life of a boy, and his life is like a real show. The father of Axel always supports new ideas of his creative kid. That’s why in 2014 he created a channel about his incredible son. During his creative career Axel achieved successes: he received more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some of his creative videos scored more than 11 million viewers.

What does the content of the channel consist of? First of all, it is worth to say that the channel of Axel is really special for such a criterion as content.  The fact is that Axel in most cases relies on his own imagination, and acquiring new formats and genres for video clips. Let’s look at the main thematic and genre video blocks of the channel. The first block contains videos about the adventures of Axel and his favorite toy cars. Similar videos resemble a long series with elements of fantasy, thriller and comedy. For example, Axel demonstrates how he goes to a Columbia farm with a toy truck to pick blueberries.

The second thematic block contains videos in the genre of travel-vlogs. Together with Pope Axel goes to meet adventure. For example, once father and son went to the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon to catch and cook crayfish!

The third block contains videos in the genre of unboxing. The fact that the blogger simply adores toy cars, so his parents often spoil the son with new items from “Lego”, “Bruder Toys” and other popular toy manufacturers. The guy shoots on the video, as he unpacks these toys, and also holds a real test drive with them!