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The Kids’ Picture Show is a rather unusual channel, which creates content for the smallest YouTube users. Why is this so? It’s no secret that modern children are often called representatives of the digital generation. Modern kids simply can not live without gadgets. Literally from the preschool age, they begin to play online games, watch children’s channels on YouTube, chat with their friends. Children lose the ability to concentrate on books or the learning process. Manufacturers of children’s media content is well aware of this, therefore they create the brightest and shortest in terms of timekeeping products. But this channel is an exception! The fact is that the authors of the channel are professional multipliers, who abandoned the 3D format! They create children’s content in a pixel genre. They began their creative career on the Youtube children’s segment in 2012. Since then, they have made progress, which are reflected in the following figures. The channel has over 350,000 subscribers, and some video products have over 20 million views! The main purpose of the channel is to train a new digital generation. Therefore, the stories of each video, as well as the main characters are absolutely unique.

What about the content of the channel? The first video block contains lessons that are designed to teach viewers the names of colors and shapes. The roles of teachers are performed by the forms and colors themselves, which are fantastic and intelligent creatures. The second section contains video lessons on vehicles. The roles of teachers are performed by a variety of types of machines, for example, trucks and excavators, aircraft and helicopters, cars and military equipment… The third block contains detailed video lessons about the diversity of dinosaurs.