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Toddler Fun Learning is a channel on YouTube, which has a learning purpose. The channel was created in the distant 2013 by a young family. The authors of the online project are a mother named Amalie, a dad named Christian, and their children Joshua and Poppy. Christian is the manager of Curly Productions Ltd. This Liverpool company produces a variety of video products. They decided to create their own project, because in 2013 there were few quality channels with educational content. In addition, Christian and Amalie really wanted to share the experience of parenting with parents around the world. For several years, the channel has been successful. This is reflected in the figures: the online project has more than 220,000 subscribers, and some video products have more than 14 million views. What is the secret of success? First, the channel’s authors do not exploit obsessive images of cartoon characters. Instead, bloggers created their own characters, for example, an incredibly smart gecko and a princess named Polly. Secondly, the channel does not use annoying formats, for example, challenges or pranks. Third, talented animators work on the creation of video clips, so mini-films are high-quality and three-dimensional.

What about the content of the channel? In the first thematic block is the series “Number Zoo” which teaches children the simplest mathematical operations. The roles of teachers are played by cheerful and clever forest animals, including rhinoceros, bear and flamingo. The second thematic block contains the series “Gecko`s Garage”. Gecko in the role of a teacher talks about a variety of vehicles, which have tractors, cars, trucks and other. The third thematic block contains a variety of children’s nursery rhymes, for example, “Old Macdonald Had A Farm”, “Wheels On The Bus With Bobby The Bus”.