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Toy Trains 4u is a channel on YouTube, which has a very «telling» name. This project has a very long history, because the channel was created in the distant 2007. The channel’s authors are a family consisting of parents whose names sound like Ian and Ali, as well as their kids, whose names sound like Chris, Dave and Mike. The authors of the channel are engaged in creating a family-friendly content. They became one of the pioneers of this format on the English-speaking segment of the children’s YouTube. The first videos of bloggers were pretty primitive.  It was a small video lasting half a minute which showed how toy trains work. It’s no secret that the blogosphere is very dynamic and rapidly developing. Therefore, the YouTube family soon rebranded the channel. In addition, bloggers have mastered new genres and formats, have learned how to mount video clips, create interesting scripts. Thanks to this, they have achieved certain successes. This is reflected in the figures: the «Toy Trains 4u» channel has more than 2 million subscribers, and some video products have more than 100 million views.

What about the content of the channel? The first video contains videos in the format of unboxing. The authors of the channel unpack the giant chocolate eggs “Kinder Surprise” on camera. Inside the chocolates there are always interesting toys based on popular cartoons, like «Thomas and friends» or «Peppa Pig». In the second video block there are covers for popular cartoons, for example, «Frozen», «Paw Patrol» or «Minions». To create mini-series the channel’s authors use the technology of puppet theater. In these mini-films appear figures of popular cartoon characters. Bloggers independently create scripts for each series. The third video block is fully dedicated to the cartoon “Thomas and Friends”. This block contains unpacking toys based on this cartoon, as well as a mini-series.