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ToyPudding TV is a channel on YouTube, which is an integral part of the destructive segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The authors of the channel is a creative group consisting of young and adult animators, directors, screenwriters and those whose voice sounds behind the scenes. This channel was created in 2014, the main strategy of this project is to create a truly family-friendly and child-friendly content. After several years of fruitful work on the video platform, the channel received a huge recognition. This is evidenced by more than 9 million subscribers, as well as the number of views under some videos, which sometimes reaches 200 million!

What does the content of the channel consist of? First of all, it is worth noting that the content of the channel is really special. The fact is that the channel’s authors use their own formats and genres, which are popular among the followers. Let’s determine which thematic and genre video blocks prevail on the channel. The first block contains videos in which the main role is played by a toy called Baby Doll. Such videos resemble a real mini-series. In each series, Baby Doll makes something new: goes to a beauty salon, plays with pets, sports in the bathroom, which is filled with balls “Orbeez”. The behind-the-scenes voice comments on all the actions that occur in the video. This is really useful for a small follower who is just learning how to speak.

The second thematic block contains videos in the genre of unboxing. In such videos, the authors of the channel unpack the most popular toys in the modern market. These are toys from manufacturers such as «Play Doh», «Barbie», «Baby Bon», «Pororo Toys», «Tobot» etc. In addition, the channel contains videos about the unpacking of giant-sized “Kinder Surprises” and other goodies popular among children.