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ToysReviewToys is a channel on YouTube, which fully justifies its name. This project was created in 2013 by a boy named Alex and his family. At this time, the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube was just beginning to be replenished with new channels. The genre and thematic palette of children’s channels was not so developed. However, Alex and his parents decided to try a genre such as «unpacking toys». Literally in two years they managed to achieve incredible success! Just take a look at these numbers: the channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers, and some video products have more than 20 million views. What is the reason for this success? Firstly, the authors of the channel are very talented advertisers and marketers. Alex’s parents really know what is popular in the toy market. Secondly, the parents of a small blogger are talented psychologists, because they create videos that can keep the attention of the kids. Third, the YouTube family creates original content. They use their own genres and formats.

What does the content of the channel consist of? The first video block contains video reviews on popular toys in the modern market. For example, such hit toys as a constructor “LEGO duplo”, sets of figures from “Disney”, dolls based on Disney cartoons, toys based on cartoons “Puppy Patrol” or “Minions”. The second thematic block contains covers for popular films, for example, “Batman” or “Spiderman”. Alex and his parents play the role of the main characters. In addition, the family independently writes scripts to each mini-film, and also have matching suits, make-up and entourage. Also, on the channel there are covers for popular cartoons, like “Pig Pig” and “Mickey Mouse”. To create such mini-films, bloggers use the technology of puppet theater.