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TwoSistersToyStyle is a channel on YouTube, which will be of interest to the youngest users of YouTube. The channel’s authors are, as its name implies, two sisters, whose names are Emily and Evelyn. Girls entered the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2015. Thanks to the fruitful work and creative approach to creating content, they have achieved some success. In just two years, they gained more than 450,000 subscribers, and some girls’ videos became popular, that they gained more than 7 million views.

What is the content of Emily and Evelyn? On the channel you can find a lot of videos, however, some genres and formats prevail. Thus, we can identify the main genre video blocks. The first block contains videos in which Emily and Evelyn accept a variety of challenges. Basically it is the topic of «kitchen» theme. Among such Challenges should be noted such Among such Challenges should be noted such as “Real Food vs Gummy Food”, “Num Noms Challenge”, « Bean Boozled Challenge», «Pizza Challenge».

The second thematic block contains the series “Hunting for eggs”. According to the plot, the girls should undergo interesting tests at different locations in order to eventually get a lot of giant “Kinder Surprises”.

In the third block there are videos in the genre of life style vlogs. In such videos, girls talk about their daily routine. Emily and Evelyn show how they are going to school in the mornings, that they prefer to eat for lunch, how they prepare their homework.

And in the videos about the days off, the girls tell how they like to rest. They show how they go for shopping in toy hypermarkets, how they relax in entertainment centers, how they visit cafes and museums.

In addition, the girls create video reviews of popular toys. The objects of the review are, for example, dolls based on animated cartoons “Frozen”, “May Little Pony” or “Minions”.