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Wheels on the Bus Rhymes – Kids & Baby Songs is a YouTube channel that offers content for the smallest users of video platforms. The channel became part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2013. The authorship belongs to a group of creative guys who are experienced multipliers and composers. The first videos on the channel were created with the help of classical techniques of drawing. However, the newest videos show a significant increase in the abilities and skills of the channel’s authors. They use 3D technology to create high-quality and realistic cartoons. But despite these modern technologies, the creators of the channel are to some extent classics. Yes, you read it right. First, all the videos on the channel are created on the basis of a classic English folk song called «The Wheels on the Bus». This song was written back in 1939 by a composer named Verna Hills. This song is popular among children from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. This song is often performed by children who go on a bus to a hike or school. Secondly, the authors of the channel are classics, because they refuse to exploit the images of popular characters. After all, many children’s channels use images of characters from the cartoons “Frozen”, “Paw Patrol”, “Minions” etc.

What is the content of the channel? Of course, all mini-films are devoted to the adventures of a cheerful and kind Bus. However, each series is devoted to a separate topic and has its own goal. In the first series the Bus plays the role of an outrageous celebratory machine. The shape of a Bus resembles a skull painted in bright pink color. He helps children fun celebrating Halloween, New Year and other holidays. In the second thematic video block, the bus helps children to go to school. Similar video clips show a small viewer that they need to love school, because it’s worth it! The bus sings that at school it is possible to receive valuable knowledge and to find the true friendship.