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WildBrain – Kids Videos is a channel on YouTube, which offers original content and broadcasts shows from other media producers. The channel was created in 2013. At that time, the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube was not as developed as it is today. This channel became one of the first broadcasters of popular children’s TV shows. Its authors come from Great Britain. They clearly wrote about the purpose of their project in the channel description. They offer content for pre-school children so they can have fun for hours. Modern parents liked this concept, as evidenced by the success of the channel. Let’s look at the figures: for several years of work the channel has received more than 450 thousand subscribers, and some video products have received more than 20 million views. Thanks to the great success the channel decided to expand the sphere of influence. For this reason, the “Wilde Brain” branches were created in Spanish, French and Portuguese. This channel is like an intermediary between children’s media companies and the children themselves. It should be noted that the channel officially cooperates with the producers of children’s shows.

What does the content of the channel consist of? In the first block is a series called “Larva”. This series tells about the life of an amusing larva. This creation is very romantic and gluttonous! The second block contains a series about a vampire called Spookiz. In the third block contains a cartoon about the hero from the popular game, a creation called Om Nom. The series tells how this voracious creature constantly steals food. In addition, the channel has original and unique content. For example, video lessons about such fundamental things as the alphabet, numbers, names of representatives of flora and fauna.